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Wine-themed wedding
June 19, 2013

I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida and wanted to have my wedding at a special and unique place.  We always knew about Benvenuto and after moving to Atlanta for my job at The Weather Channel and meeting my … Continue reading

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Planning your Corporate Event
June 11, 2013

Corporate Events – It’s all about impressing someone important. Special client, boss, investors or staff, regardless of who it is, the bottom line in a corporate event is that you want to impress someone important to your business.  Your venue … Continue reading

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There is always one!
May 29, 2013

There always one person who will test your patience. It’s your party, why can they not understand that. But no matter how much you ignore them, they will be there, making “helpful” comments. So since you have to invite them, … Continue reading

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Planning the seating arrangements- UGH!
May 22, 2013

Blended (or more like warring) family members, friend from different stages of your lives, young children will all stretch your imagination and patients when creating the perfect seating chart. Your venue manager should give you a seating chart with tables … Continue reading

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Weekday Wedding?
May 12, 2013

Sounds a bit strange at first but there are a lot of good reason to pick a weekday wedding. First and most importantly, you can upgrade your wedding. How? Look at the packages you have picked up so far. Notice … Continue reading

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Racking up Hidden Wedding Venue Fees
April 19, 2013

Watch out for the add-on. Add what? You know, the little charge for this and the little fee for that which magically appears on your bill. Unless you are a very thorough some venue contracts can get confusing and hard … Continue reading

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Choosing the Wedding Package that is Right for You
April 17, 2013

When arriving at a venue, you will be presented with a variety of packages, always remember this is your wedding day and your event must be a reflection of you and your groom to be. You both have specific ideas … Continue reading

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What Should I Expect to Pay for a Wedding Venue?
April 10, 2013

Prices, Prices, what should I expect to pay for a Wedding Venue? So many aspects will determine what you might pay for your venue that you might not have known. Are you planning a day event or evening event? What … Continue reading

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Searching for Help Planning a Wedding
March 10, 2013

You just got engaged….congratulations!  After the moment has settled in, you realize that this means major planning. You now have to find the prefect dress, the perfect location with the best food and menu, gorgeous flowers, and a destination for … Continue reading

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