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Whether you want to escape the cold weather or impress your guests with a luxurious banquet, Benvenuto's is the place to hold all your business conferences and corporate events in Palm Beach County. Benvenuto is a premium event venue that has been hosting corporate events for over 38 years. We treat every event like it's ours and pay attention to every detail to ensure you're 100 percent satisfied. Ideally located in southern Palm Beach County, visitors from Jupiter, Miami & West Palm Beach are only a short drive away. Although we do not have a meteorologist on staff to ensure perfect weather, Palm Beach County sees an average temperature of 65F in January and enjoys an average July temperature of 82F. This makes Benvenuto a wonderful location to hold your next business conference during the winter or summer, where everyone can enjoy the warmth during the event's breaks.

We Can Host Up to 350 Guests

Benvenuto can accommodate nearly any size event. Whether you need one conference room or the entire facility, Benvenuto can host up to 350 of your business associates and guests. We configure our venue to suit your needs, thus ensuring your group has the most enjoyable and productive experience.

Our Dedicated Team Has Everything You Need

We have everything you need in a venue. We provide access to a variety of conference and event staples, such as microphone, tables, chairs, linens, gourmet food, coffee and snacks, projector screen and other technology. Our dedicated event managers ensure your event has everything you need to impress your patrons, boss, or co-workers. Don't let the gorgeous venue fool you, however. Your business event won't feel like romantic getaway or children's playground. Our exterior and interior is crisp, clean and elegant. There will be no doubt that our business conference rooms are meant to hold productive business meetings.

Our Event Coordinators Take Care of the Small Details For You

Benvenuto Restaurant knows that getting a large or even a small event off the ground can be difficult. That's why we assign you an event coordinator to ensure that your event is planned out and organized efficiently. Your event coordinator will answer all of your questions and take personal responsibility for the success of the event. From quick-thinking event coordinators to attentive staff during your stay, we make sure "all details are handled" even before your group arrives. Find out last minute that one of your guests is allergic to something on the menu? No problem. Whatever your event requires, we deliver in spades. That's our promise to you. Whether you are selling your products and services, or keeping your associates up to speed on the latest trends, hold your next corporate event at Benvenuto. Our superior service and outstanding menu will impress even the most skeptical guests.

If you have any questions, or would like to make plans for your event, please contact one of our sales associates by calling 561-364-0600 or filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

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