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Let’s Dance!
July 28, 2014
image image imageOne of the most precious moments in a wedding ceremony would definitely have to be the bride and the groom’s first dance. It’s literally some of the first steps the couple takes together as man and wife. The dance signifies the bride and groom’s love for one another and their first moments in their new life together. It is something that all of the guests, including the wedding party, look forward to. But how does one turn that first dance into a success? Are dancing lessons necessary or can the bride and groom make up their own dance steps? Personally, I think that unless you are born with the natural ability to dance or you are a professional ballroom dancer, dancing lessons should be a definite consideration. However, if you wanted to add your own touch or creative flare and make up your own dance, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either. It is all about finding what is right for you and your fiancé.
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