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Planning a corporate event – It has to be perfect!
July 21, 2013
There are so many iterations when planning a corporate event; do you need a screen, or microphone, are you planning class room style presentation and will the room comfortably hold the number of attendees you are anticipating, are there any special dietary issues that need to be considered, is there a separate room for cocktail hour, will the food presentation and taste wow your boss or client, do you have a specific drink requests – HELP – you need someone in your corner who you can rely upon and who can help think of all the details- even some you have not thought of yet, to impress your boss and clients! A good venue manager is your ace in the hole.  You want a venue manager who can provide reliable answers quickly and who can think on their feet.  Look for a venue where you have a dedicated manager who will work closely with you and intuitively understands what is needed to make the perfect event.   Because in the end, it’s the professionalism of your venue that makes your corporate event run smoothly allowing you to do what you do best and your corporation to shine.
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